Our Range

DTF (Direct-To-Film) Printers (Garment Printing)

DTF Printing is a process that uses highly specialized printers to add designs to products such as garments and promotional items. This process involves printing wet ink onto a film transfer which is then covered in a thermo-adhesive powder that is heated to seal the design in. The design must then be heat pressed onto the desired object to be adhered to it successfully.

Our machines are suitable for a wide range of customers and our machines are currently being used by at-home business owners looking for a side hustle, right up to large scale businesses expanding their production.

Our machines require no pre-requisite knowledge of printers or printing as we can help you to understand everything you need to know about your machines.

RSP 400

The RSP 400 is perfect for someone looking to start their DTF printing journey at a smaller scale.

RSP 600-EZ

The RSP 600-EZ sits perfectly inbetween our 400 and 600 model acting as a large format 2-head printer with a vertical powder/baking machine to save on floor space.

RSP 600

The RSP600 is our most powerful 600mm wide printer with configuration options between 2-4 heads and a full length powder shaking and baking machine operating at impressive speeds.

UV DTF Printers (Sticker Printing)

A newer development of DTF printing is UVDTF which utilizes specialized UV Printers to print directly onto an AB film. Once the print is complete it is ready to be cut and pressed onto your product carefully by removing the backing film and pressing it into place.