What Is PrintFactory?

PrintFactory is the ultimate solution for large format printing that offers a complete software ecosystem to help you manage your print production process efficiently and effectively.
With over 30 years of experience in the industry, PrintFactory is more than just a RIP – it’s a powerful software ecosystem that provides everything you need from design to delivery in a single software package.

PrintFactory helps large format printers work more efficiently today and prepare for more advanced levels of automation tomorrow.
As printers ourselves, we understand the importance of delivering competition-beating workflow software that delivers the highest quality, consistent color to every device, anywhere, with manual control over smart technology that makes it possible to build a better business.

In-Depth Calibration Options

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Quick & Easy RIP Formatting

Key Benefits

Consistent Colour

PrintFactory offers consistent and accurate colour reproduction on different substrates and in different conditions. The software eliminates the need for
manual colour management, which saves time for operators. The consistent colour quality also leads to productivity and efficiency gains in the long run.

Lower Ink Costs

PrintFactory has built-in ink optimization technology that can reduce ink usage by up to 20%, which means lower ink bills for users. This feature helps businesses save money while improving print quality and stability.

Compatible with Many File Formats

PrintFactory is compatible with many image file formats such as .ai, .pdf, .eps, .tiff, .jpg, .ps, .png without the need of creating white spot channels during file creation. This means more flexibility when working with clients from different workflows, and less time going back and forth to make your print jobs happen.

Smarter Job Prep

PrintFactory comes with an in-app editor that is capable of handling various design tasks. This feature eliminates the need for additional design licenses, which saves money for businesses. The software also offers a more streamlined workflow, eliminating “islands” that slow down print production.

Less Wasted Media

PrintFactory allows users to impose, gang, and nest for the best layout. This feature helps users minimize media waste and reduce costs. Additionally, the software allows for late job additions or changes, providing flexibility in the production process.

Automatic White Spot Channel

While printing via DTF it is important to ensure that you have a white spot channel underneath your design to maintain colour accuracy, to save time and avoid making this crucial mistake PrintFactory is able to add that white channel during your RIP. This includes options as to how the white channel conforms to your design as well as being able to adjust the contraction amount to suit different types of prints.

Digital FX Machinery x PrintFactory

License With Your Machine

When you purchase your machine you will receive a PrintFactory License which is dedicated to one computer. From the date of activation you will receive free updates for the first 6 months. The license cost is a one off purchase and is included in the cost of your printer package from Digital FX Machinery.

Training and Support

With your purchase of a PrintFactory compatible machine, our team will be able to train you on how to use PrintFactory best for your business as part of your set-up. This will continue with on-going support from our in-house team at Digital FX Machinery for any issues that may arise.